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Chris Tran's Alinea Project seminar at CubingUSA Nationals 2017

Today's featured article is Alinea Project.

Alinea Project was an independent project started by Chris Tran developed with the goal of drastically improving 3x3x3 cubing hardware. The project was publicly revealed at CubingUSA Nationals 2017 about five minutes into Tran's seminar titled "One Small Step for Magnets-- One Giant Leap for Cubing".

The project included putting tensions in the core of the cube, greatly enlarging the feet and torpedos, using an easy-to-manufacture and stable method of embedding magnets into the pieces, and using self-lubricating internal plastic.

The project has been halted due to high costs, adding up to US$3,396.34 for the cost of prototypes and testing.

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This is a Siamese Cube. This is the version 3.

Did you know...

EOline is the first step of the ZZ Method.
The mainly used methods for the 3x3x3 are CFOP, Petrus, Roux and ZZ.