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  Today's featured article

Today's featured article is the Skewb.

The Skewb (originally named the Pyraminx Cube) is a twistable puzzle in the shape of a cube that is cut diagonally 2 times along each of 4 axes. It is a cube-shaped puzzle. It consists of 6 center pieces and 8 corner pieces (four of which are attached to the central core). Unlike the Rubik's cube, which turns around faces, the Skewb turns around axes that go through its corners. It is a deep-cut puzzle - ie. each cut goes through the absolute center of the puzzle, and exactly half of the puzzle changes with each turn.

This puzzle was originally called the Pyraminx Cube by Uwe Meffert, but Douglas Hofstadter suggested the name "Skewb", and it has been called that ever since.

  Today's featured picture

This is a Siamese Cube. This is the version 3.

  Did you know...

EOline is the first step of the ZZ Method.
The mainly used methods for the 3x3x3 are CFOP, Petrus, Roux and ZZ.



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