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Feliks Zemdegs

Today's featured article is the Feliks Zemdegs.

Feliks Zemdegs is an Australian speedcuber from Melbourne, Australia. He is the current world record holder for 3x3 average and 5x5 single and average. He is widely considered to be the most successful competitive cuber in history. Even though he is fast, Feliks is starting to lose world records, because he got very quick before anyone else, now other people are catching up to him, like Mats Valk, who broke his 3x3 single(5.55), Sebastian Weyer, who broke his 4x4 average(29.17), and Christopher Olson, who broke his 2x2 average(2.02).

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This is the inside of a Maru 4x4x4.

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3x3x3 no inspection, Magic, Master Magic and a few other things used to be official events.



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