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Rubik's Magic, most often only Magic, is a flat folding puzzle which are composed of several flat panels (tiles) held together by loops of plastic wire (strings). It moves similarly to a Jacob's Ladder, except in two dimensions instead of one. There are two competition events for these type of puzzles (Magic, with 8 tiles, and Master Magic, with 12 tiles), both of which involve solving the puzzle from a specific start into a specific solved state.

This original rubiks magic brand is somewhat thicker than the lingao and has a different colour scheme than regular magics. These are rarely produced and are quite rare to be found in regular stores. The performance is quite good, has a good feel to it. The magic is rather harder to tangle than regular magics because the slits are much bigger making them bend to a rather further extent.


Rubik's Magic and Master Magic events were first held at World Championship 2003. They were recognized as official events at the formation of the World Cube Association in 2004; Magic results held at pre-WCA competitions that were retroactively recognized as official were counted as official solves. This official status is in part because of Bob Burton, who in 2004 held the Magic records and was among the first competition organizers on the United States east coast.

The skills required by the Magic events and the practicality of its judging, especially for Magic, have led to discussions of its removal, most notably at the end of 2011. As of January 2012, however, both Magics remain official events.

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