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Proposer: James Straughan
Proposed: 2010
No. Steps: 5
No. Algs: 41

MI2 is a speedsolving method created by James Straughan in 2010. It was designed with the purpose of solving the problems with Orient First, Belt, and Columns First methods.


1. Solve EOLine on the left. All edges are oriented and the FL and BL edges are solved.

2. Solve a 1x2x3 block of oriented pieces on the D layer and a 1x2x3 block of oriented pieces on the U layer. Both blocks typically require only a few moves.

3. Orient the remaining four corners on the right side and position the remaining E layer edges. There are 41 cases in this step.

4. Permute all eight corners.

5. Permute all eight edges.

For steps 4 and 5, there are many alternate ways of finishing the cube. Users can build a 1x1x3 at DL then a 1x1x3 at DR, use a COLL variant, then L6EP. Another example is to blockbuild a 2x2x3 at DL and continue from there. For simplicity CP then EP is described on this page. The original variant of the method consisted of EOLine, solving all eight corners, solving the remaining two edges to form the belt or columns shape, then L8EP.

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