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MI1 Main.png
Proposer: James Straughan
Proposed: 2006
No. Steps: 5
No. Algs: 51
Purpose: Speedsolving

MI1 is a speedsolving method created by James Straughan in 2006.


1. Solve the first two layers minus DF, DR, DFR, and FR. This forms a wall shape on the first two layers of the cube. There are several good approaches to building this shape. Users can build a 1x2x3 on the left then the 1x2x2 at DB+DBR+BR. Or users can build a 2x2x2 at DBL, the pair at DFL+FL, and the pair at DBR+BR. Another good option is to solve DFL, DL, DBL, DB, and DBR then add the three E-Slice edges.

2. Orient all remaining edges. Moves such as r U r', f' U' f, and M' U M are all available to quickly orient the edges.

3. Create and place the DFR+FR pair while orienting the U layer corners. This is similar to Winter Variation, but with additional movesets available.

4. Permute the U layer corners while solving the DR edge. There are 9 cases for this step.

5. Permute the remaining five edges. This step is known as L5EP.

There are many variants and advancements that can be used after building the wall shape. The original variant of the method involved orienting the edges, placing DF+DR, solving all corners, then doing L5EP of the U layer edges and the FR edge.

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