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M2 and R2 are blindsolving methods developed by Stefan Pochmann. M2 is for solving edges and R2 is for solving corners. The methods solve one piece at a time, using conjugates composed of M2 or R2 to swap the contents of a 'buffer' location with a target location. M2 is a popular upgrade from Old Pochmann edges as the swapping algorithm is shorter. NOTE: r2 and R2 are slightly different. r2 (with lowercase r) is for 4x4 cubes. See external links.

Additional M2 Algs

Shoot to FU:

  • D M' U R2 U' M U R2 U' D' M2
  • y' U' M U' R2 U M' U' R2 U2 y (no M2)
  • x F E R U R' E' R U' R' F' x' (no M2)

Shoot to BU

  • U B' R U' B M2 B' U R' B U'
  • B' U R' B U' M2 U B' R U' B
  • F' D R' F D' M2 D F' R D' F
  • U R' U' l U' R U M2 U' R' U l' U R U'
  • (U' M')*3 (U' M) (U' M')*4

Shoot to BD:

  • M2' D U R2 U' M' U R2 U' M D'
  • M2 B' U' R' U M' U' R U M B
  • D2 F2 U M' U' F2 D2 U' M' U
  • M2' D R' U R' U' M' U R U' M R D'
  • U2 F2 U M' U' F2 U M U (no M2)

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