Lucas Garron

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Lucas Garron
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Lucas Garron
Background Information
Alias(es): lgarron, creasepattern
Country: Germany
Born: 01/20/1990 (age 21)
Occupation(s): Student
Years Active: 2006-present
WCA ID: 2006GARR01
Claim to Fame: MGLS,

Lucas Garron is a German speedcuber from Wiesbaden, Germany, currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. He is best known for his development and use of MGLS, early German records in several events (while living in the US), and his online cubing services, most notably

MGLS (Makisumi-Garron Last Slot)

MGLS had been proposed in 2006 by Shotaro Makisumi, who provided algorithms for about half the cases. Lucas found new algorithms and named MGLS, adopting MGLS-F as his main method. He was the first person to use MGLS-F to average under 15 seconds.

Programming, software, and other cubing services

Lucas is one of the most prominent advocates of speedBLD. Lucas moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Germany when he was 10. He majors in mathematics at Stanford University, where he is the president of the cube club.

Lucas is also one of the four first and current members of the WCA Regulations Committee, which completely redrafted the WCA Regulations in 2012.

Lucas programs a lot.

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