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This page contains descriptions of different lubricants and suggestions for use. Suggested usage of lube includes disassembling a cube to insert the lube, applying, and turning the cube to work it in. It is also recommended that you do not apply lube to stiffer cubes, as this can sometimes make them even harder to turn.


Silicon-based lubricants are a highly popular and effective way to lubricate cubes.


Used by many cubers, this lubricant works very well. However, it can melt plastic temporarily, so it is recommended that you completely disassemble your cube to lubricate it, and that you let the pieces dry well before reassembly.

Rubik's Lube

This is the lube that comes in a syringe-like container when you order from

CRC Silicon Spray

CRC silicon spray has been used by many cubers. This is a very good lubricant to use. It will dry out soon, but works well.


These include lubricants such as vaseline or WD-40. It is Strongly suggested you use these with caution, as petroleum and petroleum distillates speed the aging of plastic, and may dissolve the plastic.


Goopy and well known, this is not the best lube. It may eat at the plastic and gum up, making the cube harder to turn.


Known for damaging cubes and making them harder to turn, this does not act as a lubricant for the plastic at all. It is recommended you do not use this.


Other types of lubricants

Cooking No-stick Spray

Yes, PAM. Not necessarily the cleanest or best thing to use, it works nonetheless. It does not eat at the plastic and can be just as effective as shock oil on a loose cube. It is recommended you clean out your cube frequently if you use this.