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This page contains external links for web-based software, such as timers, applets, or other useful cubing programs.

Animation Applets

  • AnimCube (Java) - Relatively lightweight and feature-rich 3x3x3 applet. Its successor for 2x2x2 - 6x6x6 Rubik's Cubes & Supercubes is AnimCubeJS (JavaScript).
  • Randelshofer's Applets (Java) - Applets for 2x2x2-7x7x7 with many options and variations.

Web-Based Timers

Individual Timer

  • qqTimer - qqwref's web-based timer. Well developed inspection, averaging, and penalty support. Generates scrambles for a wide range of puzzles.
  • gqTimer - qqTimer with a session logging and graphing function using a Google or Yahoo account.
  • CSTimer (Old) - Essentially qqTimer, in Chinese.
  • CSTimer (Recent) - javascript timer with pretty UI, fast-random-state scrambles for 3x3 and sq1, (X)cross/eoline solver and many training scrambles. Thread
  • - Online Rubik's Cube timer.
  • cTimer - a JavaScript timer supporting multi-stage timing and random-state scrambles for 3x3. Speedsolving Thread
  • weeTimer - a JavaScript timer optimised for handheld devices.
  • VideoTimer - Made specifically for use as a background for a video. Large, responsive (resizable) font
  • MinimalisTimer - Javascript timer with simple UI and mobile support. [1]
  • - Modern speedcubing timer, ideal for both desktop and mobile devices.

Competitive Timer

  • LetsCube - Modern realtime online multiplayer timer. Uses WCA login. In active development.
  • - An online timer and competition community. Does not support inspection. Much development.
  • Twisttheweb - No longer working. Live competitive community with chat and averaging. Account required. See Twisttheweb

Desktop Apps

  • CubeDesk - Modern, clean-looking desktop app that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It offers a timer, trainer, and analytics page.

Image Generators

Scramblers and Tools

BLD tools

Cube Simulators

  • Twisty Polyhedra - Extensible collection of twisty puzzles - contains definitions for Face turning Tetrahedra, Cubes & Octahedra. built on HTML5 Canvas API. source
  • Gelatinbrain - One of the biggest collections of virtual puzzles, link
  • Ryanheise-simulator - Cubesimulator using the keyboard, with averages
  • Ryanheise-multiplayer - Multiplayer cubesimulator using keyboard, cubes: 2x2x2-10x10x10
  • 3D Cube Simulator - Supports dimensions up to 7x7 as well as other shapes. Mouse controlled.
  • jflySim + qqTimer - 2x2x2-NxNxN cubes, Megaminx, Pyraminx and Square-1 simulators integrated with qqTimer

Competition Software