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| [[Pyraminx methods|WO]]
| [[Pyraminx methods|WO]]
| [[Oscar Andersen]] (Odder)
| [[Oscar Roth Andersen]] (Odder)

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For a category view, see Methods and substeps

Table of methods by purpose

The following is a table of methods (and their variants) for solving various twisty puzzles. Follow the links to read more about each method or the methods in the category.

Name Original Proposer(s) Variants
2x2 Beginner
LBL Waterman Last Layer
Beginner Guimond Conrad Rider
2x2 Speed
Ortega Victor Ortega,
Josef Jelinek
Guimond Gaétan Guimond
Waterman (CLL) Marc Waterman
EG Erik Akkersdijk, Gunnar Krig
OFOTA Erik Akkersdijk
SS Mitchell Stern, Timothy Sun
VOP Kenneth Gustavsson
3x3 Beginner
LBL Keyhole, XG
Corners First Marc Waterman
Edges First
Beginner Petrus
8355 Reheart Sheu Sexy Method
3x3 Speed
ZZ Zbigniew Zborowski ZZ-VH, ZZ-a, ZZ-b, ZZ-d,
ZZ-WV, MGLS-Z, ZZ-blah, EJLS, JTLE, jsls
Waterman Marc Waterman
Tripod Michael Gottlieb
L2L Duncan Dicks, Stachu Korick
Hahn Eric Hahn
3x3 Speed/SpeedBLD
CFOP (Fridrich) Jessica Fridrich,
and others
3x3 Speed/FMC
Petrus Lars Petrus JTLE, EJLS, MGLS-P,jsls
Roux Gilles Roux
Heise Ryan Heise
Snyder Anthony Snyder
3x3 BLD
3OP John White?
Old Pochmann Stefan Pochmann
M2/R2 Stefan Pochmann Deadalnix (M2),
Freestyle for Dummies (R2)
TuRBo Erik Akkersdijk
BH Daniel Beyer,
Chris Hardwick
ZBLD Chris Tran ZBLD-2Cycle, ZBLD-3Cycle
Human Thistlethwaite Morwen Thistlethwaite
Ryan Heise
Belt ??
Salvia Method David Salvia
Triangular Francisco Michael Gottlieb
Orient First Lars Nielsson
E15 / E35 ??
3CFCE ??
PEG ??
FRED Baian Liu, Timothy Sun, Stachu Korick
Big Cubes Speed
Cage Per Kristen Fredlund
K4 Thom Barlow
Sandwich Nicholas Ho
Kenneth's Big Cubes Method Kenneth Gustavsson
Z4 Conrad Rider
js4 ??
Big Cubes BLD
r2 Erik Akkersdijk
BH Daniel Beyer,
Chris Hardwick
Corners First ??
Layer First ??
Last 4 Edges ??
Petrus ??
Face Permute ??
WO Oscar Roth Andersen (Odder)
Oka Method Yohei Oka
SSS1M Shelley Chang
Vandenbergh Method Lars Vandenbergh
Rubik's Clock
Master Magic
Pochmann Method Stefan Pochmann
Ooms Alexander Ooms
Rubik's 360

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  • Speedsolving.com: BCE Methods - methods based around Blockbuilding, Corners First and Edges First.