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* [[Rubik's Cube Celebrities]]
* [[Rubik's Cube Celebrities]]
[[Category:Cubing Resources]]
[[Category:Cubing Community]]
[[Category:Cubing Community]]

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  • speedcubing.com comprehensive cubing site, maintained by well-known cubers inc. Chris Hardwick and Ton Dennenbroek.
  • speedcubing.com.pl speedcubing.com's polish cousin.
  • twistypuzzles.com Forum for puzzle collectors and designers.
  • jaapsch.net Jaap's Puzzle Page. A huge collection of info on many different puzzles and solving methods.
  • rubikscube.info A great resource for CF methods. Info on Ortega, Waterman and beginner CF. Site by Josef Jelinek.
  • garrroux.free.fr Gilles Roux's cubing site. Home of the Roux method.
  • stefan-pochmann.info Stefan Pochmann's cubing site. Info on blindsolving methods and other tools.
  • cubezone.be Lars Vandenbergh's CubeZone. Algorithms, videos etc.
  • cubefreak.net Site by Shotaro Makisumi. Lots of info on speed and blind solving methods.
  • badmephsto.dyndns.org Badmephisto's cubing site. (experiences regular down-time)
  • mustcube.net Site by Per Kristen Fredlund (prominent FMC cuber). Mostly incomplete. Holds the weekly online FMC challenge.
  • cubestation.co.uk Dan Harris's new cubing site.
  • strangepuzzle.com Chris Hunt's cubing page. Hosts a cubing video database, timer and other tools.
  • erikku.110mb.com Erik Akkersdijk's cubing site. Cubing info from a world class cuber.
  • cutex.info Yu Nakajima's Cubing Site (in Japanese). English Translation

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