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Memes created by the cubing community, mostly on the Speedsolving Forums. See also the corresponding Speedsolving thread.

Don't forget to wear your helmet (June 2007)

The last line from Stefan Pochmann's master magic song.

Six easy flips on the right hand side / Two more on the left / Turn the puzzle over / Beautiful four flips / Followed by two ugly / On the bottom side / And some other stuff / Six on the left and you are done / Don't forget / To wear your helmet

F R U R' U' F' is a Y- perm, b-*-*-*-*-*-* (2008)

The origin of this saying was in the #Rubik chat. Joël van Noort copied it into his signature (F R U R' U' F' is a Y- perm, b-*-*-*-*-*-*) to remember about the incident. In April 2010, he made a thread asking if anyone understood what his signature was about, and included a poll. Only about 40% of the voters claimed no, although only a hand full of people actually knew the true meaning of the signature. Many users who were relatively new to the speedcubing community claimed that they knew what it was about because if you performed F R U R' U' F', it swaps two opposite corners and two adjacent edges just like the Y permutation PLL if you disregard the orientation of the pieces. Of course, this was not what Joël was asking, that was only an explanation of why the algorithm is like a Y-perm, not an explanation of where it is from and who originally said it. In the #Rubik chat one day, someone logged, said "F R U R' U' F" is a Y-perm, b******" (uncensored), and left.

Smerbia (2008)

Nobody does the F perm

This meme was started by Mike Bennett at the Caltech Spring 2007 competition. In one round he got no less than THREE F perms, despite using a method that only involves PLL 1/27 of the time. Since then some cubers have taken to simply setting their cubes down and giving up whenever an F perm occurs. It's a little known fact that "DNF" stands for "Did No F-perm".

or you could just use petrus (July, 2009)

"or you could just use petrus" represents the largest quote tree in history. User CuBeOrDiE posted a "new" method for solving the F2L in which one block-bulids up to the final CE pair then finishes as in the CFOP method. The very first reply in the thread by user daeyoungyoon pointed out the obvious fact that this method was essentially a simplified form of the Petrus method. Other forum members also noticed the similarity and took it upon themselves to make their thoughts known by quoting the most recent use of "or you could just use petrus" and posting the exact same thing. This continued on for many pages of massive quote trees with only "or you could just use petrus". The evidence for the original piece of art was erased at the discretion of the forum moderators but the memory remains. The thread is still hilarious and well worth a read.

Later uses of the meme correct for grammatical issues in the original quote. On the odd occasion when new forum members come up with "new" block-building methods, older forum members with fond memories of the original quote tree like to remind them that there is always another possibility: or you could just use Petrus.

This is the original thread with the quote tree removed

Later examples found on include: August 2009, August 2009, June 2010

I accidentally a 5x5 (2008?)

"I accidentally the whole database." - Tyson Mao

This was an extension of the existing meme "I accidentally 93MB of .rar files" from 4chan. It was brought to the Speedsolving Forums through a post in the accomplishment thread (?), and it is unsure whether this was intentional or not. Several users caught on and would post "I accidentally _______" without a verb.

Examples on the Speedsolving Forums:

i can't go because i live in ___ but you should do ___. just a suggestion (October 2009)

Third post into the Speedsolving thread Belleview Open 2009 (unofficial), user ianini posted the following message: "i can't go because i live in California but you should do a megmnix [sic] round. just a suggestion". Rather than merely pointing out the absurdity of suggesting an event for a competition he was not attending, other users (first none other than Dene) soon started parodying his phrase, forming an ever-extending quote tree. Here are the first few examples:

  • i can't go because i live in New Zealand but you should do 6 and 7. just a suggestion
  • i can't go because i live in California but you should do magic BLD. just a suggestion
  • i can't go because i live in New Jersey but you should do a 2x2 bdl [sic] round. just a suggestion
  • i can't go because i live in New York but you should do a tehtreball [sic] round. just a suggestion
  • i can't go because i live in great britain but you should do a ball-in-cup round. just a suggestion
  • i can't go because i live in Texas but you should do a mini chess tournament as a side event. just a suggestion
  • i can't go because i live in Canada but you should do a fihgt [sic] to the deth. just a suggestion

These posts mirrored the capitalization and punctuation, and in some cases the misspelling of the event name, in the original message. The most nested quote tree (this message) consisted of 25 of these messages. This quote tree won the award for the "best quote tree" in the 2009 Forum Awards.

lolben (2009)

An example of a lolben moment

"lolben" is a phrase used to flame or lightly ridicule users on the Speedsolving Forums. It is applied almost exclusively to user ben1996123 (Ben Whitmore).

ben1996123 posted several videos in late 2009 and early 2010 that were severely flamed for allegedly being rehearsed (e.g. 8.16 second 3x3 solve (with scramble and solution)). These videos showed extremely fast, some sub-9, single times with correspondingly ridiculously easy solutions, along with poor fingertricks. Understandably, the forums had its haxxor detector on max mode. Unfortunately also its hate mob, making up false evidence and trying to organize a bullying campaign. Subsequent posts by ben1996123 were also flamed, until the community realized the futility of long flames. Instead, the term "lolben" was coined to flame with ease.

The term is now used whenever users encounter an erroneous claim, a fake video, or even just a funny moment. As Waffo says, "tl;dr - lolben because lolben is lol."

Breaking the Habit (September 2009)

This started as a small inside joke from the Canadian Open 2009 competition in Toronto. On the second day of the competition during a lunch break, Justin Jaffray (user JustinJ) had a habit of looking down at the timer during PLL very good and very bad solves. Brendon Hemsley (user Reisen Bunny) suggested that he broke his bad habit by looking in the opposite direction at the end of his solves. That was where the fun began. Rather than looking down at the timer, some of the cubers who were sitting at the table would finish a solve then suddenly turn to whoever was sitting next to them and stare at their face. Justin, Brendon, and later Forte Shinko (user Forte) decided to do this during official solves. During each of these solves, when they were on the last turn, then would slam the cube (or whatever puzzle they were solvign) down and immediately quickly turn to the judge and give them a blank expression. Those who were watching their solves, or were the ones who were judging the solves that had no idea what was going on were probably thinking "wtf...". One of each of their "habit-free" solves were filmed and were uploaded to Youtube (video). The best reaction was the Mike Mallon's (Brendon's judge's) reaction. When Brenden finished his 4x4 solve he slid close to him, gave him a stare with a serious expression on his face, then got up walked away. Habit-breaking is still practiced among a few cubers.

How to pronounce North American cubers' names (January 2010)

A hilarious video made by Chester Lian, in which he parodies Erik Akkersdijk's "How to pronounce Dutch cubers' names" and Sinpei Araki's "How to pronounce Japanese cubers' names". In the video, Chester speaks with a fake Asian accent and pretends to knows how to pronounce various cuber's names, mostly ones from Canada and the USA. He also made up nicknames and alternate spellings for some of the names. Some of the notable names include: Tyson ROF2L-Mao, Dan Koen, Mike Hug-Hey, Forte "chingchingchongchong" Piano, and Chuck "Norris" . Chester first came up with the idea for the video in late 2009, and the term "gogovid" was used to encourage him to get around to make the video. He intends on making a sequel in the near future.

I'm calling you out! Time to make a malt liquor video! (February 2010)

A drunk man uploaded a video on Youtube calling out Sa967St (Sarah Strong) after he saw a video of her official 10.21 3x3 solve. Throughout the video he drinks a 40oz bottle of malt liquor while trying to reason out why she should quit cubing and make a malt liquor video. He repeates the lines "I'm calling you out", "time to make a malt liquor video", "run down to your nearest store and get yoruself a 40", and several others. She made a thread for the video on the speedsolving forum. The user removed the video off of Youtube after many members of the speedcubing community commented on his video.

On Sarah's 19th birthday (19 is the legal drinking age in Ontario, Canada), user Reisen Bunny made a thread to remind her that she needs to run down to the nearest store and get herself a 40. The thread had a poll asking if she should make a malt liquor video, and over 40 people votes 'yes'.

Sarah is yet to make a malt liquor video.

OrtegaZB (February 2010)

Late February, Thom Barlow introduced his method for solving the 2x2 cube basing of the Ortega Method called "OrtegaZB". Upon reading the description, many people immediately picked up that it was just CLL. It was pretty obvious that Thom was just joking and many people joined in on the fun while others were not entertained by the thread even though it was just for fun. Joey Gouly said so himself "This thread really was just for fun! Me and thom were just cubing (in a pub), and came up with the idea!" Perhaps another alcohol fueled Thom Barlow moment.

But can anybody do faster?(May 2010)

User ottothedog started a thread titled Possibly the fastest magic solve, which included a video of him "solving" a magic in 0.50 seconds. He times the solve with qqtimer and starts the timer with the magic in his hands and also stops the timer with the magic in his hands. Since he breaks several rules of timing a magic solve according to the WCA regulations, he was not taken seriously. Several users pointed out to him that what he did was not considered a "solve" since it was undoubfully a DNF, but he replied with "but can anyone do it faster?" David Woner, Feliks Zemdegs, Jules Manalang and several other wrote back saying "I did it in [insert time under 0.50 seconds] but [insert something that clearly makes ths solve a DNF], can anyone do it faster?" They also posted videos demonstrating fast magic 'solves', which included solving it into a clearly unsolved state, timing it with a keyboard, and editing the solve by cutting out most of the solve. Dan Cohen changed the title of the thread to "Possibly the fastest almost not really magic solve".

Speedcubin? (June 2010)


This meme comes from thread titled Speedcubin? by user goatseforever. The thread has a poll with seven options of "Speedcubin", all identical. This was clearly a troll thread (goatseforever has made many in the past), but several users decided to have fun with it and post about which Speedcubin was best. Many image macros with Speedcubin written on them were posted. An eighth poll option of "Speedclubbin" was added later by a moderator, which was an attempt to destroy the chain of speedcubin posts. The thread had over 250 replies but it was closed about a week after it was posted. This thread was the "catch of the day" in the very first episode of the Cubecast Podcast.

Andrew Kang hates skewbs (July 2010)

In the third episode of the CubeCast Podcast, co-host Andrew Kang revealed that he absolutely despises skewbs. Andrew's hatred for the skewb event is one of the biggest on-going themes of the podcast, as it gets brought up several times each episode. He hates it because it is a cube-shaped puzzle that doesn't turn like a 3x3x3 cube, and it immediately makes him angry.

Famous [insert adjective] Rubik (2010)

After seeing a newspaper article about himself containing the phrase "Famous Deaf Rubik," Shane Rowland started to use it to refer to himself. His reasoning was that he was "famous" among the deaf community for solving and collecting Rubik's puzzles. Of course this does not make any sense in English, and some cubers spread around "Famous [adjective] Rubik" to parody Shane's title.

I DEMAND TWO ROUNDS OF [insert event]! (Summer 2010)

Two threads were posted in the speedsolving forum about Haiyan Zhuang getting banned from WCA competitions for unsportsman-like behavior. One of the things he did was demand more rounds of BLD, in order to have more attempts to try to break his (former) 3x3 BLD world record. After the community learned about how Haiyan threatened people at competitions, "I DEMAND TWO [or more] ROUNDS OF [insert event]" became a joke to parody Haiyan.

Examples on the Speedsolving Forums:

Non-Example (note date)?

Orangina (August 2010)

After the second day of US Nationals 2010, a small group of cubers went to the store in the student centre to obtain mass amounts of soda (or pop to some people) and junk food. Upon browsing the selection, Sarah Strong was puzzled when she saw a bottle of Orangina and she asked "What's Orangina?", pronouncing it incorrectly (oh-ran-gy-nah). The group proceeded to break into hysterical laughter. As the laughing receded, one of the cubers in the group told her that the name of the drink is actually pronounced oh-ran-GEE-nah and so was the start of the meme. That night, Chris Tran, Sarah Strong, Waffo, and several others spammed the US Nationals 2010 thread of this discovery as they posted pictures of Orangina ads from the same hotel room. On the third day of US Nationals 2010, Orangina was the joke among that small group, and Ethan Crislip bought several 1L bottles of the carbonated beverage just to try it. Waffo wanted to time it and his first attempt at the bottle was 5x.xx. Soon after Felix Lee and Chris Tran followed Waffo's attempt but were unable to break it. The chugging drew in a crowd as Waffo attempted another 1L of Orangina only a few hours after his first attempt, racing with Sarah Strong, Ryan Reese, and Stachu Korick. He broke his previous UWR with a 48.46 and threw up mere minutes later. Waffo still practices Orangina chugging to date.

After US Nationals was over, Orangina was a wide spread story on the Speedsolving Forums as people changed they avatars to Orangina logos and bottles for quite a while. Many people have tried to take Waffo's throne at a competition but were unable to beat the 48.46 set at US Nationals 2010.

Waffo holds the current UWR for chugging a 1L glass bottle of Orangina (starting with the cap off) at 30.02 seconds.

Same thing happened to me with some other pants (2010)

This meme originated from a Skype conversation between Stachu Korick and Waffo. They were talking about Lady Gaga and Waffo was saying how he didn't have a good first impressioin of her music, but after he listened to a variety of her songs he liked her music more. Stachu agreed and meant to reply "same thing happed to me with some other bands", but instead of "bands" he typed "pants". Waffo found this typo hilarious and spammed some threads on the speedsolving forum with "same thing happened to me with some other pants". Dan Cohen banned him for one day for spamming. Waffo recieved a message from him saying "You have been banned for the following reason: Too many pants." Regardless of him being temporarily banned, this meme gets brought up on occasion. Some users mistook this phrase for something along the lines of "same thing happened to me in someone else's pants", and posts like that also come up on occasion.

Zeroing (November 2010)

Supposedly Feliks Zemdegs's secret method, zeroing is a hoax started by the following post by Anthony Brooks on the Speedsolving Forums: post: "Feliks got the nickname Faz because of the method he uses actually. FAZ stands for F2L After Zeroing. What's "zeroing" you might ask? Only Faz knows at this point. It's apparently his secret weapon, but he won't share. :-("

Other examples:

Alot Profile Picture Takeover (November 2010)

Alot avatars used by Speedsolving Forums members

An Alot is an "imaginary creature that kind of looks like a cross between a bear, a yak and a pug" introduced in the blog Hyperbole and a Half's page on Alot.

On November 22, 2010, user TheRubiksGod created the thread "I Will Make Your Avatar :D" on the Speedsolving Forums. In the first post he wrote "you have nothing to loose but ALOT to gain", bolding and underlining the word "ALOT". "Prompted by Lucas Garron's reply linking Hyperbole and a Half, the thread turned into a request for Alot of ___ avatars. Many of these were made by Shelley Chang. Within a week, many prominent users on Speedsolving had changed their profile to some type of Alot.

Lubix Superior (May 2011)

A cube that user "3x3" had modded and lubed himself, this cube became an instant joke. It was said to be able to do a U4 turn, and many people laughed at the fact that 2cc of Lubix was used. Forum members immediately flamed the thread, making all sorts of jokes.


A thread created to make fun of the Lubix Superior, the idea came from user "Owen" who made all sorts of claims. There were all sorts of jokes favored by the forum members, and instantly became a favorite thread for many. Other users, like MovingOnUp, quickly followed suit, creating pictures and logos like the following: [3]

Miley Solves (August 2013)

The first Miley video was from a cuber/YouTuber known as Nick Stanton. Nick posted an average of 5 video while listening to Miley Cyrus's We Can't Stop. Cuber Ian Bourn then posted his own average of 5 video in a thread on Speedsolving. Others started to post their own averages and solves while listening to Miley Cyrus, including Kevin Costello III (KCuber06) with a 28.69 4x4 single solve.

MoYu AoLingDong (AoLong V3)/The Tawakkol Trolls (Summer 2014)

There was a time where Sammy Tawakkol (CubingBattles, strakerak, Cubing Botchamania), went on a complete rampage of trolling over the course of summer 2014, after being let back into speedsolving due to his numerous antics with lying about times and his overall misconduct. After doing a bit of trolling (with successful attempts, such as convincing MeMyselfAndPi that V-Cube and Shengshou have joined forces to settle the patent dispute, a Shrekroll to the MoYu Aochuang that was supposedly tested by CrazyBadCuber, the multitude of fake accounts leading to a complete change in SpeedSolving registration, and the spread of stupid microtrends around the community), Sammy attempted to perform a new troll that threw the entire community into confusion. A fake Facebook account was created named Jamie Wang, with outreach to michael1234252 (womack) to test a new cube that was supposedly called the MoYu AoLingDong.

The cube was described to have a "hobknock" mechanism that would prevent corner twists , feature total corner cutting, and at tight tensions at least make it over 55 degrees. The color scheme was supposed to be at its brightest and some stores would even send out versions with custom stickers. It was supposed to be the big release. The puzzle caught on and exploded and actually caught some minds.

Michael1234252 released a video talking about the puzzle and most of its features. The video received mixed reviews due to his parody that was made earlier in the year. Once this was released, speculation on the cube started to rise.

At one point people started catching on that the puzzle was fake, and there were many investigations. YJ as well as Lightake even posted on Facebook questioning the puzzle. There was a point where everything went so wrong with insults, investigations, and overall tension in the community where Sammy started confirming that the puzzle was indeed fake.

This caused most of the community to go into an upset, given that people wanted the puzzle to actually happen. Others were upset (including Tawakkol) because of the ethics behind the method of bringing this troll to life.

People still mock the cube today, in "guess the puzzle" releases or in "cube ad" contests. Several YouTubers, such as LTCuber, Ordway Persyn, and Solar Cubing have created their own inaccurate take on the MoYu AoLingDong.

Another instance that occurred is when MoYu posted their concept on the Tanglong, the community started to thing that it was actually the AoLingDong because of the nickname (AoLong v3)

Michael Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (April 2016)

A collage of images related to Michael

This meme originated when a video was posted on March 31st on's youtube channel, titled "Michael Humuhumunukunukuapua'a: International video debut". The video featured a narrator telling the story of Michael, a Hawaiian native who lives in a volcano. In the video he is seen averaging 5 seconds on a 3x3 with a strange color scheme, featuring purple instead of orange. The video ends stating that Michael will be competing at Manhasset Spring 2016.

Later a separate video was posted on the channel explaining the origin of his color scheme. A "Cuber ProFile" was also made on The Cubicle stating that Michael currently holds the Guinness World Record for most cubes solved while surfing a big wave, and that he has teamed up with Yi Xiawei, a cube designer to create the Xiawei Pineapple cube. Michael also had a facebook page where he hosted a giveaway for The Cubicle.

On April 16th, Michael appeared at Manhasset to compete and got a 57.13 average on 3x3, under the name Michael Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (a WCA delegate later changed his results to his actual name, Michael Ezrokhi). The Cubicle later revealed that all of this was part of a grand April Fools Day prank, as many cubers assumed. His color scheme "The Pride of Hawaii" and his logo are currently still available on The Cubicle.