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A list of books on Rubik's cubes and related puzzles. The vast majority of books were published during the 1980s Cube Craze – these were mostly beginner's guides. Most books published since then have focused on the history, theory, and culture of cubing.

1981-2 Cube Craze books

Many books were published during the Cube Craze from 1981-2. The most successful of these was James G. Nourse's The simple solution to Rubik's Cube which was the best-selling book of 1981, selling over 6 million copies in that year alone. This was followed in the success stakes by Don Taylor's Mastering Rubik's cube, Patrick Bossert's You can do the cube, and Cyril Ostrop's Solving the cube, which all reached the New York Times Bestseller list. Of the other books in this list, the most influential is probably David Singmaster's Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube, which he first self-published in 1979. It contained the first mathematical analysis of the cube together with the famous "Singmaster notation". The 5th edition (1980) also contained a Layer-by-Layer beginner's solution.

  • Adams, Jeffrey, (1982) How to solve Rubik's Revenge. ISBN 0-385-27807-1
  • Alexander, Adam, (1982) The Official Solution to Alexander's Star. Ballantine Books. ISBN 0-345-30842-5
  • Alford, Bill; Iobst Ken, (1982) The Simple Solution to the Pyramid. Pinnacle Books. ISBN 0-523-41881-7
  • Bandelow, Christoph, (1982) Inside Rubik's cube and beyond. ISBN 3-7643-3078-3
  • Barlow, Brent W., (1981) The cube: a short and easy solution. ISBN 0-89036-166-5
  • Bechard, Gilles, (1982) The magic solution. Becar. ISBN 2-920-364-00-6
  • Black, Razid; Taylor, Herbert, (1981) Unscrambling the cube. ZED Books. ISBN 0-940874-01-6
  • Bossert, Patrick, (1981) You can do the cube. Penguin. ISBN 0-1403-1483-0
  • Brown, Greg, (1981) How to Solve Rubik's Magic Cube. Maskew Miller. ISBN 0-623-01378-9
  • Eidswick, Jack, (1981) Rubik's cube made easy. ISBN 0-915238-52-7
  • Endl, Kurt, (1982) Megaminx. Giessen. ISBN 3-923210-67-1
  • Endl, Kurt, (1982) Pyraminx cube. Glessen. ISBN 3-923210-62-0
  • Ewing, John; Kosniowski, Czes, (1982) Puzzle it out: cubes groups and puzzles. Cambridge. ISBN 0-521-28924-6
  • Frederick, Don, (1981) Solve that crazy mixed-up cube and... the new puzzles too!. ISBN 0-9607180-0-1
  • Frey, Alexander; Singmaster, David, (1982) Handbook of cubic Math. Enslow. ISBN 0-89490-058-7
  • Garcia, Domingo, (1982) Rubik's cube made simple. Verplanck. ISBN 0-87523-201-9
  • Ideal Toy Corporation, (1981) The Ideal Solution. Hollis.
  • Kosniowski, Czes, (1981) Conquer that cube. ISBN 0-521-28814-2
  • Kosniowski, Czes, (1981) Master the Rubik Cube Easily. Kornworthy Publications. ISBN 0-9507704-0-X
  • Kosniowski, Czes; Ewing, John, (1981) The Barrel Solution. Kornworthy Enterprises. ISBN 0-9507704-1-8
  • Lee, Gary, (1982) The 4-step solution to the cube. Nitty Gritty Prod. ISBN 0-911954-66-x
  • Mason, William L., (1982) Rubik's Revenge. The simplest solution. Prentice-Hall. ISBN 0-13-783563-9
  • Millington, Jon, (1981) Resolving Rubik's Cube: Step-by-step Success for All Ages. Abson. ISBN 0-902920-46-4
  • Nourse, James G., (1981) The simple solution to Rubik's Cube. Bantam. ISBN 0-553-14017-5
  • Nourse, James G., (1981) The simple solutions to cubic puzzles. Bantam. ISBN 0-553-14018-3
  • Ostrop, Cyril, (1981) Solving the cube. Price/Stern/Sloan. ISBN 0-8431-0300-0
  • Reid, Michael, (1982) Mastering Rubik's Revenge. Wallaby. ISBN 0-671-45952-4
  • Schlafly, Roger, (1982) The Complete Cube Book. Regnery. ISBN 0-89526-871-X
  • Singmaster, David, (1981) Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube. Enslow. ISBN 0-89490-043-9
  • Stat, Bob, (1982) Rubik's pocket cube. Banbury Wayne. ISBN 0-440-00237-0
  • Taylor, Don, (1981) Mastering Rubik's cube. Owl. ISBN 0-03-059941-5
  • Taylor, Don; Rylands, Leanne, (1981) Cube Games: 92 Puzzles & Solutions. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. ISBN 0-030-61524-0
  • Thai, Minh, (1982) The winning solution. Banbury Wayne. ISBN 0-440-09795-9
  • Thai, Minh, (1982) The winning solution to Rubik's revenge. Banbury Wayne. ISBN 0-440-07500-9
  • Turner-Smith Ronald, (1981) The amazing pyraminx. ISBN 962-7053-01-5
  • Varasano, Jeffrey, (1981) Conquer the cube in 45 seconds. Bell. ISBN 0-517-377233
  • Werneck, Tom, (1981) Mastering the Magic Pyramid. Evans. ISBN 0-237-45591-9

Humor books

The following anti-cubing (usually humorous) books were also published during the Cube Craze:

  • Bindweed, W.C.; Godwin, David; Mahood, (1981) Not another Cube book! Ballantine. ISBN 0-345-306015
  • Lawless, Ken, (1982) Dissolving Rubik's cube: The ultimate solution. Perigee. ISBN 0-399-50639-X
  • O'Grady, Miles, (1982) You can kick the cube! The cube hater's handbook. Penguin. ISBN 0-14-006345-5
  • Zales, John; Stevens, John, (1981) 101 uses for a dead cube. Tom Doherty Associates. ISBN 0-523-49013-5

Later books

The following books were all published after the 1981-2 Cube Craze:

  • Rubik, Erno; Varga, Tamas; Keri, Gerson; Marx, Gyorgy; Vekerdy, Tamas. (1987) Rubik's Cubic Compendium. Edited with an Introduction and Afterword by David Singmaster. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-853202-4
  • Bizek, Hana M., (1997) Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube Design. Dorrance Pub. Co. ISBN 0-8059-3919-9
  • Harris, Dan, (2008) Speedsolving the Cube. Sterling. ISBN 1-4027-5313-6
  • Slocum, Jerry; Singmaster, David; Huang, Wei-Hwa; Gebhardt, Dieter; Hellings, Geert; Rubik, Ernő. (2009) The Cube: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Bestselling Puzzle. Black Dog & Leventhal, ISBN 1-579-12805-X
  • Scheffler, Ian. (2016) Cracking the Cube: Going Slow to Go Fast and Other Unexpected Turns in the World of Competitive Rubik's Cube Solving. Touchstone. ISBN 1-501-12192-8

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