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Alt Names: Yellow Cross of LL cube state
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Steps before the LL:EO cube state -> LL:EO cube state -> Steps after the LL:EO cube state

The LL:EO cube state is the cube state between the Steps before the LL:EO cube state and the Steps after the LL:EO cube state.

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LL:EO cube state is a state of a cube that involves having the first two layers of the cube solved as well as having the top layer edges oriented.

Previous Steps

These are common with beginner's method:

  • An algorithm F U R U' R' F' may be used to transform an up/left bird shape to yellow cross.
  • An algorithm F R U R' U' F' may be used to transform a horizontal stroke shape to yellow cross.

Alternatively, before that, last slot may be inserted with ZBLS or VHLS.

Next Steps