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K4 method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Thom Barlow
Proposed: 2005
Alt Names:
Variants: CF3L
No. Steps: 7
No. Algs: Mostly commutators
Avg Moves: ~120

K4 mixes reduction, blockbuilding, edge pairing and direct solving techniques to produce a method that can quickly and efficiently solve a 4x4x4 (Revenge) cube.

It should be noted that while K4 is designed specifically for the 4x4x4 cube, it can be applied to any size of cube. Modifications can be made to make it friendlier to solve on the bigger (>=5x5x5) cubes.

K4 stands for Kirjava's 4x4x4 Method.


The K4 Method consists of 7 steps;

  1. Two opposite centres
  2. Blockbuild a 1x3x4 block
  3. Complete the last four centres
  4. Complete the first layer
  5. Rotationless F3L
  6. CLL
  7. 3 look ELL


Small number of rotations required

Efficient movecount

Extremely good F3L lookahead


Commutators are required for a good understanding of the method

ELL can be difficult for beginners to grasp

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