Julian Chilvers

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Julian Chilvers
Background Information
Country: United Kingdom
Born: 1966
Years Active: 1981-3
WCA ID: 1982CHIL01
Claim to Fame: 1981 UK champion

Julian Chilvers was a British speedcuber from Eaton (near Norwich) UK. In 1981 he won the UK Cubing Championship, and competed in the World Championship in 1982, where he finished in seventh place with a best time of 25.95 seconds.

In 1981, at the age of 15, he won a UK regional contest in Great Yarmouth with a time of 38.67 seconds. He then competed in the UK Championship (12 December), clocking 25.79 seconds on his third and final trial. At the first World Rubik's Cube Championship 1982 in Budapest (5 June) he finished in seventh place with a best time (in round 2) of 25.95 seconds. He averaged 28.00 seconds for all three rounds.

David Singmaster reports that he typically used a Corners First method, and "then completed most of the top and bottom, then the middle." However he also reports that Chilvers sometimes used a second method of "DC, DE, U, M".

Singmaster also mentions that Chilvers had once completed "44 cubes in 20 minutes (27.3 second average)".

In 1983 (25 June) a Rubik's Revenge Competition, organised by the Daily Star newspaper, took place in the UK. Julian Chilvers won with a time of 119 seconds. He won a Ford Fiesta 950 painted all over with cubes, but as he was too young to drive he sold it.

He later became an Anaesthetist, and a Clinical Tutor.[1]


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