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Joey Gouly
Joey Gouly
Background Information
Alias(es): j`ey, j_ey
Country: United Kingdom
Born: 1990 (age 24)
Occupation(s): Student
Years Active: 2007-present
WCA ID: 2007GOUL01
Claim to Fame: Joey, Hobbit, Being short

Joey Gouly is a British speedcuber.

He is known for his popularity-talent disparity, a frequent subject of jokes on the Speedsolving Forums. He was the first guest cuber on CubeCast Podcast. He is a member of Team #.

UK National Records

Joey Gouly formerly held the UK National Record for 3x3 BLD with a time 1:04.03 set at the Cachan Open 2011, shaving just over a second off his previous record of 1:05.65 set also in 2011 at Connecticut Summer. He held the BLD NR since World Championship 2007, his very first competition, up until Cachan Open 2011.

He also held the NR for 3x3 single with a time of 9.15 set at Toulouse Open 2010. He held that record for 7 months before losing it to Breandan Vallance. Joey also held the NR for 2x2 single and average set in the finals of Swedish Cube Day 2008. There he scored a 3.03 single and 5.82 average, getting him 3rd place. At World Championship 2009 he obtained the NR for Square-1 single, a title he had held twice before, with a time of 18.21 seconds. Also, back in 2008 he held the NR for MultiBLD with a 2/2 result in 4:13 set at the Czech Open.

He also won UK National Championships 2010 with an average of 13.42. In addition to gold in 3x3 he also won 4x4 with an average of 56.93, claimed silver in 5x5 with an average of 1:56.80, gold in 3x3 BLD with a 1:40.21, silver in FMC with a 40 move result and silver in Square-1 with a 32.86 average.

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