Jabari Nuruddin

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Jabari Nuruddin
Jabari Nuruddin in 2013
Background Information
Alias(es): BindeDSA, Fresh Algs
Country: USA
Years Active: 2013-present
WCA ID: 2014NURU01
Claim to Fame: Learning thousands of algorithms, closest to knowing 1LLL, Skewb NAR.

Jabari Nuruddin is a American Speedcuber. He is notable for being one of the first people to know full ZBLL. His claim to fame is being the first person to achieve an official sub-10 average with ZBLL and also knowing thousands of algorithms including ZBLL, OH ZBLL, Tripod 1LLL, Line 1LLL, Flipped Line 1LLL, Pure OLL, HLS 0 edges, Oriented LS, ZBLS, even more 1LLL, and more. He is currently the closest speedcuber to learning full 1LLL.

A notable Skewb solver, he gained a North American record in the Skewb at the Hudson Valley 2016 tournament with an average time of 3.32 seconds. He is also in the top 40 (average) fastest solvers for the Rubik's Cube and One-Handed events.

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