Jérôme Jean-Charles

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Jérôme Jean-Charles
Background Information
Country: France
Born: c. 1957
Occupation(s): Journalist
Years Active: 1981-2
WCA ID: 1982JEAN01
Claim to Fame: 1981 French Champion

Jérôme Jean-Charles was a French speedcuber. In 1981 he won the French Cubing Championship, and competed in the World Championship in 1982.

He worked as a journalist and was 25-years-old in October 1981 when he beat 4,000 contestants and 10 finalists in the French Championship. He achieved a winning time of 25.6 seconds. He was awarded a "golden cube" from Erno Rubik himself.[1]

At the first World Rubik's Cube Championship 1982 in Budapest (5 June) he finished in sixth place with a best time (in round 3) of 25.06 seconds. At 26-years-old he was (along with Zoltán Lábas of Hungary) the oldest contestant. David Singmaster reports that he used a Corners First method.[2]

He was author of the following books:

  • Jean-Charles, Jérôme, (1982) Tous les secrets du Rubik's Cube. Loisirs Paris. ISBN 2-7242-1194-4
  • Jean-Charles, Jérôme, (1982) Master Rubik's Cube (in French). Denoël Paris. ISBN 2-207-22790-1
  • Jean-Charles, Jérôme, (1982) Solving Rubik's Revenge (in English). Corgi. ISBN 0-552-11974-1