Herbert Kociemba

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Herbert Kociemba
Herbert Kociemba
Background Information
Country: Germany
Born: 1954 (age 66–67)
Occupation(s): Teacher of Mathematics and Physics (Gymnasium)
Years Active:
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: Kociemba's Algorithm, Cube Explorer, God's Number

Herbert Kociemba is a German cuber from Darmstadt, Germany. He invented Kociemba's Algorithm in 1992 for finding near optimal solutions to 3x3, improving on the Thistlethwaite Algorithm. He is the author of Cube Explorer.

Kociemba was part of a 4-person team (Tomas Rokicki, Herbert Kociemba, Morley Davidson, and John Dethridge) which proved in July 2010 that God's Number for the Rubik's Cube is 20.

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