Henrik Buus Aagaard

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Henrik Buus Aagaard
Henrik Buus Aagaard in !
Background Information
Country: Denmark
Born: March 21st 1987 (age 25)
Occupation(s): !
Years Active: 2006-present
WCA ID: 2006BUUS01
Claim to Fame:

Henrik Buus Aagaard is a Danish speedcuber who has set or improved national and continental records more than 200 times. He is the first European to achieve a result in all 19 events including single and average results. Henrik has previously won the European Championship in Magic in 2006, sharing first place with Alexander Ooms.

Henrik started cubing in late 2004 and first competed in 2006 (German Open). He organized the first Danish competition in 2008 (Danish Open 2008, Nyborg). He is a WCA delegate.


World Titles
Preceded by
Yumu Tabuchi
3x3 With Feet World Champion
Succeeded by
Jakub Kipa