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* [[Heise Method]]
* [[Heise Method]]
[[Category:3x3x3 first substeps]]

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Heise blocks
Heise method.gif
Proposer(s): Ryan Heise
Proposed: 2003
Alt Names:
No. Algs: intuitive
Avg Moves:
Previous state: Scrambled cube state
Next state: Heise blocks cube state

Scrambled cube state -> Heise blocks step -> Heise blocks cube state

The Heise blocks step is the step between the Scrambled cube state and the Heise blocks cube state.

The Heise blocks is the first step for some cubing methods on 3x3x3, especially the Heise Method, invented by Ryan Heise, which is a intuitive method which requires no algorithms. It uses extremely few moves, but it may be difficult to get fast times using this method. The step consists in creating four 1x2x2 blocks, making sure that one color appears on none of the blocks. This color will be the color of the last layer. Note that these blocks do not necessarily have to be paired together when they are built. One of these blocks should be just two centers and an edge.

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