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|anames=Face by face

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Fail Method method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Many
Proposed: unknown
Alt Names: Face by face
No. Steps: ?
No. Algs: none
Avg Moves: loads

Fail Method, (also Face By Face or just FBF), a method that solves the cube face by face. This method is very slow and inefficient (and difficult too), and definitely not recommended for speedcubing. First you complete one face using intuition (or trial and error, if you aren't familiar with the cube). Then, you try to do another one, in the same way. If you manage that, the next and last step is to do a third face. If you get that far, you will become a member of the exclusive "I once got three sides!" club. After three faces are completed more trial and error will only make the situation worse, so good luck!

Origin of the Method

Most noobs use this at first, but will eventually give up. Some cubers have experimented with this method for fun


Bob Burton's method for the Pyraminx has a similar feel: solve a layer; if not solved, repeat. This does, however, usually solve the Pyraminx in a reasonable time. If you achieve two or three faces on the 3x3x3, it is possible to finish the solve using LSE from the Roux method, although it is not truly solving the cube using the fail method.

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