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|proposers=[[Catherine Trace]]
|purpose= [[Speedsolving]],[[Big Cubes]]
FATE (First layer, Adjacent layer, Corners, Edges) is a method idea mentioned by [[SuperAntonioVivaldi]] in a video.In 2019,[[Catherine Trace]] has developed a method that can be used for all NxN puzzles. It can also be seen as a substep of the [[Fail Method]], except that it actually solves the cube.
It takes the approach of solving by Layer-by-Layer, however it solves an adjacent layer instead of the middle layer.
== The Steps ==
1. Make a layer + 2 adjacent F2L edges. This is intuitive.
2. Solve the second layer edge and corners. This is less intuitive than the first step but can be done using commutators
3. Solve the corners. This can be done and uses 5 algorithms to solve and position them
4. Last 5 edges. You can use commutators to solve the rest
[[Category:3x3x3 methods]]
[[Category:3x3x3 speedsolving methods]]

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