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* [[Speedsolving]]
* [[Speedsolving]]
|previous= F2L
|next= OLL

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Proposer(s): Aiad Janis
Proposed: 2019
Alt Names:
No. Algs: 80-90
Avg Moves:
Purpose(s): * Speedsolving
Previous state: F2L
Next state: OLL

F2L -> F2LL2C step -> OLL

The F2LL2C step is the step between the F2L and the OLL.

F2LL2C is the acronym for First Two Layer Last Two Corners. In this step, the edges RF, RB and RD on the right face have already been solved. Thereby, this method is used to solve the last two F2L right corners, separated in 5 groups : URF & URB, URF & ULB, DRF & DRB, DRF & URB, DRB & URF

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