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Ernie Pulchny
Ernie Pulchny in !
Background Information
Country: USA
Born: 7/14/1994 (age 19)
Occupation(s): College Student
Years Active: 2009-present
WCA ID: 2010PULC01
Claim to Fame: Master Magic WR

Ernie Pulchny is an American speedcuber from Parlin, New Jersey. He is best known for setting the Master Magic world records in 2011 (he currently holds the average WR), and for his epic reactions. Ernie is the 2011 Master Magic US Champion and 2012 Magic US Champion.


At his first competition (Safe Haven 2010), Ernie set the Master Magic NAR average at 2.43. Later that same year, he set the NAR single at Princeton Fall 2010 and further improved both NARs. In 2011, Ernie set the average and single world records. He was the final person to hold the average WR before Master Magic was removed, along with Magic at the end of 2012.

From 2011 to mid-2012, Ernie pursued Team Master Magic with 2011 Magic US Champion Casey Dech and Zach Goldman. He and Zach currently hold the UWR single at 2.78. See the video linked below.

From early 2010 to mid-2011, Ernie used a Rubik's Master Magic bought from Rubikfans shop on eBay. He would later use a LingAo Master Magic to set the WR average, which would then become one of the most popular and recommended Master Magic brands because of it. Ernie then used a Ghost Hand Master Magic from mid-2012 up until Magic and Master Magic were removed from the WCA.

On December 23, 2012, the Master Magic WR single was broken by Yuxuan Wang, with a time of 1.66. Ernie's response on the Speedsolving thread about it was: "Since Yuxuan Wang was my Master Magic inspiration, I congratulate him. Having the WR single for a year and a half was well worth it for me, as it was my greatest cubing accomplishment at the time I broke it."


Some of Ernie's early YouTube videos were best known for his epic reactions. After setting the Master Magic average WR, he repeatedly yells, "I already made history people!", embarrassing his judge. See the video linked below.

Ernie's epic reactions have since been rare.


  • Ernie once used a pink GuHong as his main 3x3. He currently uses a white GuHong V2 as his main 3x3.
  • At Newark Head to Head 2012, Ernie lost his black LingAo Magic. He found out it was missing after coming home from the competition. Ironically, he was given a red LingAo Magic for free at the same competition.
  • At Starlight Open 2013, Ernie got 3 PLL skips in a row in the second round of 3x3.
  • Ernie is a cube collector. He currently has over 125 different cubes and puzzles in his collection, 44 of which are 3x3s, which also includes a broken one.

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