Dino Cube

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Dino Cube
Dino Cube.jpg
Dino Cube into a solved position
Alternative names: 2 2 2 Bubbloid
Shape: Cube
Internal Mechanism: [[Dino Cube, Corner Turning Hexahedron, Bubbloid]]
Inventor: Robert Webb
Year: 1985
Produced by: QiYi, MF8, ShengShou
Twisty Puzzles museum link: PKEY605
Jaap's puzzle page link: dinocube

The Dino Cube is a three-layered twisty puzzle in which three edge pieces at the corners are moved at a time.


The first functional Dino Cube was invented in 1985 by Robert Webb of Australia, made out of paper. Stephen Harvey also produced a prototype independent of Webb in 1990. However, the Dino Cube was not mass produced until 1995 by S.Y. Liou, convinced by Liang-Yen Wu. The first mass-produced Dino Cube included 2-color, 4-color, and 6-color options to choose from.

In 1998, James R. Holloway applied for a patent for the Dino Cube and was granted the patent in 2000, filed as patent US6056290.

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