David Allen

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David Allen
Background Information
Country: USA
Born: c. 1964 (age 57–58)
Years Active: 1982; 2003
WCA ID: 2003ALLE01
Claim to Fame: 1982 US National champion.

David Allen was an American speedcuber from Bradford, Pennsylvania, and in 1982 won the title of US National champion.

The USA was relatively unusual in holding a second national Rubik's Cube Championship in the 1980s. Minh Thai had won the first in 1981 with a best time of 26.04 seconds.[1] The second USA Rubik's Cube Championship ("2nd Rubik Cube-A-Thon") took place in Los Angeles, California on November 5th, 1982. David Allen won the contest and became National Champion with a winning time of 22.48 seconds.[2]

However as winner of the contest he had to go head-to-head with Minh Thai for the title of "Grand Champion". Minh Thai won this challenge and the title with times of 26.23 secs (Round 1) and 25.62 secs (Round 2). The entire competition was broadcast on the "That's Incredible" TV show on January 24, 1983.[3]

David Allen returned to cubing for the World Rubik's Games Championship 2003. He ultimately finished in sixth place with an average time of 21.92 seconds. His best single solve was 16.99 seconds. He also competed in the 3x3x3 One-Handed event (1:19.04).[4]

Jessica Fridrich records that he used a corners-first method. She states that he "had a very unique cubing style filled with incredibly fast finger shortcuts powered by both index fingers ... I have never seen anybody twisting the cube so fast in a competition".[5]