Cyclone Boys

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Cyclone Boys
Founded: unknown
Location: GuangDong, China
Years Active: 2010-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: []
Products: 2x2 to 6x6 cubes; pyraminxes

Cyclone Boys (旋风小子; XuanFeng XiaoZi) is a Chinese puzzle brand. They are produced by the Shenzhou plastic products factory, Chenghai District, Shantou city, Lianxia town.[1]



Cyclone Boys 2x2 (Feichang)

Released: November 2013.


Some of their older models of 3x3 cubes include:

  • Cyclone Boys FeiXuan. Released December 2013.
  • Cyclone Boys XuanFeng. Released: January 2014.
  • Cyclone Boys FeiHong. Released February 2014.
  • Cyclone Boys JisuZhiYun. Released January 2015.

Cyclone Boys FeiWu

Released: March 2014. A cheap but very solid cube. The FeiWu was a popular beginners cube and was widely available on Amazon and similar stores. Only available as stickerless. It is very controllable and robust: it does not pop, doesn't really lock up, and the centre-caps never fall out. The cube is however quite loud, and its turning is a bit catchy. A common complaint concerned the colours: the orange sides were easy to confuse with the red.

Cyclone Boys FeiChi

Released: October 2016. An improved version of the FeiWu, with improved turning and better colours.

Cyclone Boys Mini 3x3

Released December 2016. A 40 mm cube.


Cyclone Boys 4x4 (FeiYue)

Released: December 2013.

Cyclone Boys G4

Released: April 2015.

Cyclone Boys Mini 4x4

Released December 2016. A 57 mm cube.


Cyclone Boys G5

Released: July 2015.


Cyclone Boys G6

Released: February 2017.


Cyclone Boys Pyraminx

Released: February 2016.

Cyclone Boys Pyraminx V2

Released: August 2016.

Mirror Blocks

Cyclone Boys Mirror Blocks

Released December 2016.