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A cuboid is a rectangular puzzle that is not a power of 3 (NxNxN), usually two of the axis are dived the same while the third one is different. More uncommon types can have all three different, like a 2x3x4.

The most common puzzle in this group is Rubik's Domino that is dived in 3x3x2 pieces.

some other types:

  • 1x1x2, Boob Cube, some people made their own for fun, not a puzzle really.
  • 2x2x2, domino style, easy.
  • 2x2x3, mini tower easy.
  • 2x2x4, like a double 2x2x2 domino but much more fun.
  • 3x3x2, Rubik's Domino
  • 3x3x4, the double domino, really nice and the closest you can get to a standard 3x3x3 in complexity.
  • 3x3x5, 3x3x7, both are available in both cubic and proportional shaped appearances. The proportional versions are capable of shape-shifting.

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