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* Episode 0 - [[Thom Barlow]]
* Episode 0 - [[Thom Barlow]]
* Episode 1 - [[Chris Olson]]
* Episode 1 - [[Christopher Olson]]
* Episode 2 - [[Daniel Sheppard]]
* Episode 2 - [[Daniel Sheppard]]

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CubeCast Podcast is a podcast on cubing, the first of its kind, started by Andrew Kang in July 2010. It is currently hosted by Andrew and Thom Barlow. Each episode lasts about 2 hours and features a conversation by the co-hosts and one or two notable cubers, invited as special guests, on recent events in speedcubing among other cubing topics. Since Episode 20, the show has added Dan Cohen and David Woner as regular guests and has streamed live at justin.tv/cubecast with audience interaction through chat.

After a long break, The podcast was brought back for a second season in the latter half of 2012 by Chris Wall and Austin Reed. They have currently made 2 Episodes, plus a Pilot that was fairly unsuccessful. Also, due to the close of the original cubecast site, all of the first season episodes, and all of the new ones can now be found at veeraid.com/cubecast

Season 1 (Andrew & Thom)


  • Skype Team Blind
  • Quickfire Questions
  • Rock Paper Sissors

Running jokes

Episode List

Season 2 (Chris & Austin)


  • News
  • Guest talk
  • Skype TeamBLD
  • Questions for guest and Hosts


External Links