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Founded: 2007
Location: China
Years Active: 2007-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: C4U Cube, Gigiaminx, Megaminx

Well known puzzle shop, selling a wide range of products. Also manufactures the puzzles listed below:

Cube4You Cube

Cube4You cubes (also known as C4Y cubes, or the C4U DIY) are different sold at and Cube4You cubes are highly regarded by most cubers for their excellent ability to cut corners. They also tend to pop less and have smoother turning than Type A cubes. They have been gaining in popularity recently, and are available in many different colors. However, according to some cubers, they get much worse after a few months. The general consensus is that Cube4You cubes are one of the better cubes available on the market, and are recommended for speedcubing.When adjusting the screw it is VERY uneven to tensioning, even 1/16 of a turn will affect the performance greatly.After the tensions have been set all sides the cube will lockup less and pop less. The Cube4You cube is also known to lockup and will need breaking in. After breaking in the cube the speed will improve greatly with less noise.

They also come in a massive 21 colours

Ratings for Cube4You DIY
Based on 12 ratings
Smoothness/Speed: 8.25
Lockup Resistance: 7.17
Cutting Corners: 7.83
Pop Resistance: 7.33
Quietness: 5.46
Reliability: 8.17
Weight: 104g
Overall: 8.26
Cube4You Cube

Where To Buy

Cube4you [2]


One of 2 mas produced Gigaminxs. The General concensus is that the Mf8 Gigaminx is of better quality that the Cube4You and that th Cube4You doesn't turn very well, even with extensive modding.

C4U Gigaminx

Where To Buy Black [3] Free Shipping option! White [4] Free Shipping option!


One of two mass-produced teraminxes. Very sturdy and excellent Turning quality out of box

C4U Teraminx

Where To Buy Black [5] Free Shipping option! White [6] Free Shipping option!

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