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Chris Tran
Chris Tran in 2016
Background Information
Alias(es): 4Chan, Humphrey Wittingtonsworth IV
Country: USA
Born: 25 February 1992 (age 28)
Occupation(s): Student, WCA Disciplinary Committee, WCA Delegate, Head of Cubicle Labs and Angstrom Research
Years Active: 2008-2010; 2015-present
WCA ID: 2008TRAN02
Claim to Fame: Magnets, Cubicle Labs, Angstrom Research, Learning full ZB, ZZ-CT, ZZ-HW

Christopher V. Tran, more commonly referred to as Chris Tran, is an American speedcuber. He is often considered the best cubing innovator in cubing history.

Cubicle Labs

He is best known for being the head of Cubicle Labs in Westchester, New York, where he pioneered many innovations such as commercial puzzle dyeing, MagLev, and especially accelerating the field of puzzle magnetics. His efforts in puzzle magnetics led to the first commercially available magnetic 3x3x3 puzzle, which was superior to previous puzzles in stability, tactility, and lockup reduction.

Angstrom Research

Chris is the founder of Angstrom Research, a subsidiary of, in which he sells puzzles with specific plastic coatings, engraved magnets, and more advanced cubing modifications, meant for small-scale sale as opposed to large-scale for Cubicle Labs.

Method Creations

He has also created multiple methods based on ZBLL such as ZBLD (Solving edges and corner simultaneously with ZBLL), CTLS (Using ZBLL to force LL skips and FMC insertion), and LL Skip methods such as ZZ-HW and ZZ-CT, which solves an F2L piece and the LL simultaneously.


In 2015, he became the WCA Candidate Delegate for Georgia and nearby Southeastern USA region. In 2016, he transitioned into becoming the WCA Candidate Delegate for the Northeastern United States. Also during 2016, he joined the WCA Disciplinary Committee, which investigates and handles misconduct at WCA competitions.


Chris is known for being the first person to learn full ZB in 2009. After a hiatus from cubing between 2011-2015, he relearned full ZBLL in one month from new algorithms, effectively learning ZBLL twice.


Chris has tried to get inspired from Giker Cube and Go Cube , and take it to the next step , by making a complete computer vision solution to predict and see solves. Once the algorithm is made , and the model is trained , it will help to check misscrambles in WCA competitions. Check for immediate reconstructions of the solves, so that the delegate can verify any suspicious solve or time.

Smart Egg

He was also 2015 national champion of 2-Layer Blue Smart Egg (which is a fun puzzle , and not exactly a twisty puzzle).He is currently holding the unofficial world record of fastest solve with it , with a time of 8.07 seconds.


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