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Erik Akkersdijk's method and the development of this page

Does anyone know what Erik Akkersdijk's method is? The link is dead and a preliminary googling doesn't bring anything up other that Stefan Pochmann saying that he uses the same method on his page.

Also, depending on how much infomation I can get on each method, I will wither create a new page for each or summarise each on this page. -User:Shadowslice [talk] 25/8/16 22:23 (GMT)

Erik Akkersdijk's method isn't really a method. Much of a subset. He is the creator of EJF2L, similar to MGLS. MGLS is where you use an unoriented corner from the whole F2L layer, and use an alg to get solve the misoriented corner and a OLL skip. EJF2L is where you insert the pair with the misoriented corner, and then orient the last layer edges, and orient all corners at once including the misoriented pair. Then PLL at the end. -User: Metallic Silver

I know what his 3x3 method is. I was refering to the megaminx method which is linked to at the bottom of this page which no longer works. Stefan also refers to it oh his megaminx page which is also linked here but I can't find any info on it.-User:Shadowslice [talk] 26/8/16 8:55 (GMT)