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Although the 2x2x2 cube can be considered as just the corners of the 3x3x3 cube, there are several ways of solving it, ranging from simple to advanced. The best site for many of these methods, containing algorithms and fuller explanations, is Erik's 2x2x2 tutorial page, which actually contains most of these methods. For any method it helps to be color-neutral so you can avoid bad cases.

The best 2x2x2 solvers can solve the cube in a global average of under 2 seconds.

Basic Methods

  • 3x3x3 Like Method - One of the easiest ways to solve the 2x2x2 is just like the 3x3x3. First, you insert the first layer corners, as in a 3x3x3 beginner's method, then orient the last layer, using an algorithm from 2-look OLL, pretending there is a cross on top, and finally do a PLL, switching two corners along with the two edges, or a three cycle of corners, if applies. Note that the 2x2x2 has a much higher chance of an OLL or PLL skip, as it has no edges. You can also sometimes use more efficient sequences, such as FRUR'U'F' for the "superman" orientation case.
  • LBL - This is an extension of the 3x3x3 method above. The first step is to solve one layer of the cube; this is an intuitive step, so you should try to figure out how to do it all during inspection, and do it in as few moves as you can. Then you can solve the orientation and permutation in two steps. Some cubers choose to learn to do these last two steps in one, by learning CLL, which has 42 algorithms.

Intermediate Methods

Advanced Methods

There are a couple of very advanced methods for solving the 2x2x2. Due to the magnitude of algorithms required for these methods, these methods are only used by several speed cubers.

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