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Proposer(s): Matt DiPalma
Proposed: 2017
Alt Names:
Variants: CR, Step 3-4 of Heise Method
No. Algs: 144 (72 with mirrors) for CR2+ substep
Avg Moves: 26.135 (for CR1, CR2+ and CR3+ substep)
Previous state: F2L-1 + EO cube state
Next state: Solved cube state

F2L-1 + EO cube state -> CR+ step -> Solved cube state

The CR+ step is the step between the F2L-1 + EO cube state and the Solved cube state.

CR+ is a revised, simplified and improved version of Cardan Reduction. Recognition is easier with CR+ than CR and the last substep is L3C, easier than CR3 substep.


  1. (CR1) F2L-1 + EO cube state to F2L-1C + EO + 2x1x1 block cube state : Insert FR edge and create a U-layer 2x1x1 block.
  2. (CR2+) F2L-1 + EO cube state to L3C cube state : Solve the 2x1x1 pair, all edges, and last D corners.
    • Algorithms for the 2nd substep (CR2+) can be found here.
  3. (L3C) L3C cube state to Solved cube state Solve the remaining 3 corners using L3C algs.

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