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#REDIRECT [[Cardan Reduction]]
|proposers=[[Matt DiPalma]]
|anames=Step 3-4 of [[Heise Method]]
|algs=144 (72 with mirrors)
|moves=26.135 for LS/LL
* [[Speedsolving]], [[FMC]]
|previous=[[F2L-1 + EO cube state]]
'''CR†''' is a revised, ''[redacted]''-oriented version of [[Cardan Reduction]] that features improved ''[redacted]'' and simplified ''[redacted]''. Further details pertaining to this approach are currently registered (TS) classified, pending declassification to security-cleared US citizens after November 19, 2026.
Despite the extremely high level of secrecy surrounding every aspect of this edge-oriented LS/LL variant, the full CR2† algorithm set is published in the External Links. However, it is compiled in some strange alien lexicon.
== External links ==
* [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n9C-FDrC2geg-6W1an8ZPFVyUwoONbgUIEwnRpKbrs0/edit?usp=sharing CR2† Alg Spreadsheet]
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