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*[http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/pgl25.htm Jaap's page on CP which inspired the method]
*[http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/pgl25.htm Jaap's page on CP]
*[https://www.speedsolving.com/forum/threads/briggs-3x3x3-method.55156/ Original method proposal]

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CP (corner permutiation) First methods are methods which solve reduce the corners to <R,U> very early on in the solve, usually being planned during inspection. Corner permutation is often done alongside a 1x1x3 block on DL to reduce the whole cube to the complex 2 gen state <R,r,U,u>. CP First methods are usually used for one-handed solving since it gives an advantage because after the first step you only have to use your pinkie and index finger for the entirety of the solve, although these methods can also be fast for two-handed solving as well. Most CP methods usually solve the CPLine then expand it to a Roux block while preserving CP and then continuing the solve very similarly to LEOR.

CP First Methods

Since these methods are relatively new, there aren't many examples of such methods but 4 of them stand out.

    • Briggs: The first viable CP First method, invented by Joseph Briggs, also known as Shadowslice. This method helped interest begin around CP First methods.
    • c2gr: This method is invented by Zbigniew Zborowski, who is known in the cubing community for being the inventor of the ZZ method.
    • 2gr: Probably the most important method in the development of CP First since it provided solvers with a really fast simple and reliable way of recognizing and solving corner permutation. Invented by John Li (Teoidus), this method solves Edge Orientation before CP.
    • YruRU: Invented by Yash Mehta, this method really helped spark interest in CP First methods in 2020.

Briggs vs YruRU Controversy

After the creation of the YruRU method, people started noticing that the two methods are virtually the same and this caused a lot of outrage from the community, some people defending YruRU and others defending Briggs. The debate is still ongoing in the community.


Many people have thought about CP methods in the past but no one really put it to use until Noah's CP method. Compared to modern CP methods, this method is really primitive since it starts with solving a Roux block normally and then doing CP using ZZ-Porky style recognition.

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