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Brands/makes of cube dimensions 4x4x4 through 7x7x7.


The most commonly recommended 4x4x4's as of September 2018 are:

However, the Rubik's Revenge 4x4x4 cube, manufactured by the Rubik's company, was the best 4x4x4 in 2008 but then they changed the mechanism making it worse. Because of this, almost everybody started to use the Eastsheen or the Meffert's cube. These cubes eventually fell out of popular use. The QiYi WuQue M, Gan 460M and Moyu Aosu GTS2M are among the more popular cubes today.


The most commonly recommended 5x5x5's as of September 2018:

Currently, some of the most popular 5x5x5 cubes include the YuXin, the MoYu Aochuang GTSM, and the QiYi WuShuang.


The most commonly recommended 6x6x6's as of April 2017:


The most commonly recommended 7x7x7's as of September 2018:

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