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BigRoux method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Ruud Pollé
Proposed: 2020
Alt Names: none
Variants: none
No. Steps: 5
No. Algs: None
Avg Moves: A lot

The BigRoux method is a 4x4 speedsolving method proposed by Ruud Pollé. It is largely based on Yau with the main difference being the first three edges and the fourth edge. In Yau, the first three edges form three quarters of the cross, while in BigRoux, these edges can be random, as long as they include the first edge used in first block in Roux. The fourth edge is consequently not the fourth cross edge but it can be any random edge that can be easily solved. BigRoux (as is implied in the name) can also be used for bigger cubes.


  1. Solve 2 opposite centers.
  2. Solve 3 dedges. These can be any colour combination and can be done more quickly than when focusing only on cross dedges, because some dedges are already partially or completely paired up.
  3. Solve the remaining 4 centers, maintaining the first three dedges by keeping them on the left side and using only Rw, 3Rw, 2L, and U moves.
  4. Pair up the remaining dedges without messing up the first three, starting with the first edge that can be solved the quickest.
  5. Solve First Block + Second Block + CMLL + L6E (3x3) and Parity.


  • Easy edgepairing
  • Takes less time to pair up the first four edges than Yau, and doesn't focus on CFOP exclusively.
  • Can also be used for CFOP 3x3x3 stage.


  • Centers are a little bit harder.

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