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BLL (Bauer Last Layer) method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Steven Mortensen
Proposed: 2011
Alt Names: none
Variants: none
No. Steps: 3
No. Algs: 24
Avg Moves: 27

BLL (Bauer Last Layer, a reference to Jack Bauer from the show '24') is an edges first LL method developed by Steven Mortensen in 2010-2011, and posted to the forums in 2014. The method was developed overtime, first starting as a LL method with only 4 algorithms, then going on to become a 4LLL and finally a 3LLL with 24 algorithms (hence the name). If used in combination with with a method that orients the LL edges (ZZ, others), it only has 11 algorithms in total for the lowest algorithm count of any 3LLL.

Due to the nature of the method, a 2LLL version would have at least 98 algs, which is a 74 algorithm step up from 3LLL. But in combination with a method that orients the LL edges, this method can be modified to have a 39 algorithm 2LLL.

The novelty of the method is the reduced number of algorithms required to achieve a 3LLL.

Method Description

The order of operations for this method is:

  • 1 - Orientation of edges
  • 2 - Permutation of edges
  • 3 - Permutation of corners
  • 4 - Orientation of corners

-The beginner method- gives only one algorithm for each of these steps which are to be used intuitively. One algorithm is reused with it's mirror for the corners giving 3 algs excluding reuse:

  • 1 EO - M’ U’ M U2 M’ U’ M
  • 2 EP - U [R U R’ U R U2 R’](bracketed part will be used in corners as well)
  • 3 CP - R’ U L U’ R U L’ U’
  • 4 CO - [R U R’ U R U2 R’] + [L’ U’ L U’ L’ U2 L](mirror of the bracketed alg)

-The 4LLL method- adds 2 algorithms to be able to solve the edges in at most 2-Looks, and 8 algorithms (6 excluding a mirror and a reuse) to solve the corners in 2-Looks.

-The 3LLL method- combines the two edge steps into 1 step that uses only 16 algorithms making for a total of 24 algorithms for 3LLL.

-For a 2LLL- the corners can be done in one step with the addition of 74 algs from L4C making a total of 98 algs.

The Algorithms

The algorithms given by Steven can be found in his thread. Alternate algorithms can be found on the wiki (1 - ELL: LLEF, 2 - CO: OCLL-EPP, 3 - CP: CPLL).