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|IMAGE=Bálint Bodor.jpg
|IMAGE=Bálint Bodor.jpg
|BIRTHDATE=April 27, 1994
|BIRTHDATE=April 27, 1994

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Bálint Bodor
Bálint Bodor in !
Background Information
Alias(es): Bogyo
Country: Hungary
Born: April 27, 1994 (age 16)
Occupation(s): Student
Years Active: 2008-present
WCA ID: 2008BODO01
Claim to Fame: Megaminx WRs

Bálint Bodor is a Hungarian speedsolver. He specializes in Megaminx, for which he has set multiple world records since 2009.

He uses full Megaminx PLL (corners and edges in one step).


Continental Titles
Preceded by
Erik Akkersdijk
Megaminx European Champion

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