8355 Method

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8355 method
8355 method.gif
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Reheart Sheu
Proposed: unknown
Alt Names: none
Variants: Sexy Method
No. Steps: 6
No. Algs: 1 to 3
Avg Moves: 100+

A Taiwanese beginner method invented by Reheart Sheu, similar to Layer By Layer, but using much fewer algorithms.


  • Solve the cross: (intuitive).
  • Solve 3 corners: Holding the cross on D, place D-layer corners above their position in the U-layer and repeat the sexy move (R U R' U') until placed.
  • Solve 3 E-slice edges: Either using the Keyhole method or by application of the alg R' U' R' U' R' U R U R and/or its mirror L U L U L U' L' U' L' .
  • Solve 3 U-layer edges: (intuitive) Hold the remaining unsolved corner+edge positions in the front-right. Using R or F', place a U-layer edge into the correct position. Now twist the U layer to replace it with an unsolved U-layer edge and undo the original R' or F move. Repeat until 3 U-layer edges are solved.
  • Solve the final 2 edges: Swap the FR E-slice edge with the edge in UF without disturbing the other edges using the alg R U R' U R U R' or its mirror F' U' F U' F' U' F, depending on the orientation of the edge in the slot.
  • Solve the final 5 corners: Flip the cube over so that 4 of the remaining corners are in the D-layer and the other remaining corner is in the FR position of the U-layer. The corner in the U layer will be used as a 'buffer'.
  1. If the corner in the buffer does not belong in the D-layer apply the alg R U R' U' (the sexy move) once to place a D-layer corner into the buffer.
  2. Twist the D-layer until the corner in the buffer position is directly above its correct position in the D-layer.
  3. Repeat the alg R U R' U' until the corner in the buffer position is placed correctly in the D-layer.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 until only 1 unsolved corner remains in the D-layer.
  5. Position the final unsolved D-layer corner under the buffer piece.
  6. Repeat the alg R U R' U' until either the whole cube is solved or only 2 unsolved corners remain.
  7. Rotate the whole cube so that the D-layer now contains the 2 unsolved corners, re-assigning a solved corner in the U-layer as the new buffer piece.
  8. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the cube is solved.


There are a number of advancements which can be made to lower the move-count and improve speed of execution. Here are a few of them:

  • Solving the Cross: Minimise move count and plan the entire cross during inspection
  • First 3 Corners: Use the inverse of the sexy move to reduce the number of repetitions required. For maximal efficiency, depending on the corner orientation use one of:
  • R U R'
  • F' U' F
  • R B U2 B' R'
  • Solve 3 E-slice edges: Combine first 3 corners and edges into one step by joining corner + edge pairs in the U-layer and inserting as a pair, see F2L
  • Solve U-Layer edges: Try also building corner/edge pairs while solving the edges to reduce the number of corners left at the end, see Heise Method.
  • Last 5 corners: Use the inverse of the sexy move (U R U' R') for corners requiring 5-repetitions of the sexy move. More advanced: Use more efficient commutators to solve several corners simultaneously. See last step of Heise Method.

Example Solves

A Complete Solve

Scramble: F2 D' B2 R2 B2 D U2 L2 U' B2 F D2 B D2 R2 U' F R F' L' D'

  • Cross (intuitive): R' L' F U L R2 B2
  • Insert 3x D-layer corners:
  1. (RUR'U')
  2. y' (RUR'U')
  3. y' d (RUR'U')*3
  • Insert 3x E-slice edges:
  1. y2 (R'U'R'U'R'URUR)
  2. d2 (R'U'R'U'R'URUR)
  3. y' U' (R'U'R'U'R'URUR)
  • Place 3x U-layer edges (intuitive):
y2 U2 R U' R' . y L' U L
  • Bring final U-layer edge into slot:
y' (RUR'URUR')
  • Now insert it into position:
y U (L'U'LU'L'U'L)
  • Flip cube over to solve final corners:
  1. x2 y2 D (RUR'U')*3
  2. D (RUR'U')
  3. D2 (RUR'U')*5
  4. D2 (RUR'U')*3 D2

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Final 5 Corners: dealing with 2 unoriented corners

Scramble: R U R' D R U' R' D' R U R' D' R U' R' D

  • D' (R U R' U') - first corner
  • D (R U R' U') - bring second corner into buffer
  • D (R U R' U')*5 - solve second corner
  • D' (R U R' U') - third corner. Notice, the corner is solved but the rest of the cube is scrambled.
  • (R U R' U')*4 - repeat alg until the cube is solved except for two unoriented corners.
  • x' - re-assign d-layer to contain the 2 unsolved corners.
  • (R U R' U')*4 - solve the first one
  • D' (R U R' U')*2 - finally, solve the second one.

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Final 5 Corners: another example

Scramble: D2 R U R' D R U' R' D' R U R' D' R U' R' D'

  • D (R U R' U') - first corner.
  • D (R U R' U') - bring second corner into buffer.
  • D (R U R' U')*5 - solve second corner.
  • D' (R U R' U')*5 - attempt to solve third corner. Not possible, so repeat until only 2 unsolved corners remain.
  • x' - rotate cube so that 2 corners are in the D-layer.
  • (R U R' U')*4 - solve first unoriented corner.
  • D' (R U R' U')*4 D - solve second unoriented corner.
  • x D2 - fix bottom layer.

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