7x7x7 Cube

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7x7x7 Cube
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7x7x7 Cube into a solved position
Alternative names: 7x7x7, 7x7
Shape: Cube
Internal Mechanism: 7x7x7
Inventor: Panagiotis Verdes
Produced by: V-Cube, Shengshou, MoYu, LanLan, QiYi, YJ, MoFang JiaoShi

The 7x7x7 cube (normally referred to as the 7x7x7 or 7x7) is a twistable puzzle in the shape of a cube that is cut six times along each of three axes. The first brand of this puzzle was the V-Cube 7, which was patented by its inventor, Panagiotis Verdes. Early on, many other cube companies produced puzzles very similar, but these were considered knock-offs due to using the same basic mechanism. The V Cube 7 is rounded (or 'pillowed'), while most subsequent 7x7s are cubic.

Shengshou have made a cubic 7x7, and it has become very popular, particularly the smaller version. MoYu have also made a 7x7 called the AoFu, which has a pillowed shape like the V-Cube 7. Moyu has since released a cubic version of the AoFu, called the Cubic AoFu GT. Later, MoFang JiaoShi released the first budget 7x7, the MF7S. Shortly after, QiYi released the WuJi 7x7, and YJ released the GuanFu 7x7 and the YuFu 7x7.

This puzzle has 6 fixed centers, a total of 144 other center pieces, a total of 60 edge pieces, and 8 corners, and has 2.0 * 10^160 positions.

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