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[[Image:Revenge.JPG|thumb|A Rubik's Revenge.]]
{{Puzzle Infobox|
|NAME=Rubik's Revenge
|INVENTOR=Peter Sebesteny
|TIME=From a few seconds to many years}}
[[Image:Howtodismantle4x4.JPG|thumb|How to dismantle a Rubik's Revenge.]]
[[Image:Howtodismantle4x4.JPG|thumb|How to dismantle a Rubik's Revenge.]]

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Rubik's Revenge
Rubik's Revenge into a solved position
Alternative names: 4x4x4
Shape: Cube
Internal Mechanism: 4x4x4
Inventor: Peter Sebesteny
Year: 1983
Produced by:

How to dismantle a Rubik's Revenge.

The Rubik's Revenge (also known as the 4x4x4 cube, and normally referred to as the 4x4x4 or 4x4) is a twistable puzzle in the shape of a cube that is cut three times along each of three axes. The two main speedcubing brands are the Shengshou and the Dayan and MF8 cubes. There original brands for this puzzle, all of which were popular for speedcubing; but have been trumped by the new brands are the Rubik's, patented by Peter Sebesteny in 1983, the East Sheen, patented by Chen Sen Li in 1999, and the Mefferts, which is a copy of the old Rubik's mechanism.

The Rubik's brand puzzle has no fixed centers, but a total of 24 center pieces, a total of 24 edge pieces, and 8 corners. It has 7.4 x 10^45 positions.

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