3x3x3 With Feet

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there is nothing weird or wrong about a foot fetish. If anything, it is fun. I can't even imagine life without loving girls stinky cheesy feet. I am absolutely in love with them. The way they look, feel, taste and smell. It is plain to see that these kids just love them. It starts at all ages. And no they do not grow out of it. For me it has gotten stronger as I get older. They are sniffing your feet because they love that cheesy stinky smell. It is intoxicating. It is like a drug. When a girl takes off her shoes and let me smell her stinky cheesy feet, socks and sneakers, It feels like I am high, and send shivers all over my body. I get turned on like never before. Thank God that I was blessed with this amazing fetish. And thank God that I have only had 3 girls out of hundreds who have not let me smell and taste their yummy little feet. Sure some girls will say no at first and think it is a little strange because they have been programmed to think that girls aren't suppose to have stinky feet. As a child they The sex is the best ever. The power of that cheesy stink is so strong I * in about 2 minutes. And my explosions are very powerful and shoots everywhere over and over again. When I meet a girl and go to her house. I always go through her hamper when she is not around, looking for her stinky stinky sweat socks, panties and shoes. I have stolen plenty=P. Anyways...let your little boys and girls have fun with sniffing your yummy female feet and hump the floor all they want. Do not tell them it's bad or gross. You do not do that to a child. That's like telling a child to not masturbate. Let them explore their bodies and love them. As for me, I never have been attracted to pantyhose. I am more attracted to white socks and sneakers. As for my mother? hell no. That is just nasty to me. But my sister use to make me smell and suck her feet and toes after cheerleading practice because they would get so stinky. I was only 6 and she was 11. I will never forget her coming home every single day and calling me to her room as she demanded me remove her stinky cheesy socks. She would then put her feet in my face. They were very cute, small and smelled of very strong cheese and sweat. I would instantly get a hard on and start sucking them and sniffing them. She would just lay back on the bed and moan with her eyes closed, then look down at me making sure I clean out everything from between her plump juicy little toes. I think she was masturbating because after a while I would her her moan real loud and her hips thrust and then she would relax and tell me that's enough for now. She was nice enough to let me use her stinky cheesy shoes and socks because she knew I was gonna go to my room and masturbate while sniffing them and sucking out all the salty/sweet stink=P. So anyways...I think that is how my fetish started. Let your future kids have fun with your feet and your female friends feet. They will have an amazing fun filled life=)