2-Look PLL

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This PLL system is used to permute the last layer after orientation. Of the 21 cases, only 8 are needed for 2-Look PLL. Permutation is broken into 2 steps: corner permutation (four cases) and edge permutation (four cases).

  • Step 1: Permutation of Corners. Requires 4 algorithms to carry out (3 excluding mirrors):
    1. clockwise 3-corner cycle (A-perm a)
    2. anticlockwise 3-corner cycle (A-perm b)
    3. diagonal corner swap (any of Y-Perm, V-Perm, E-Perm, N-Perm)
    4. adjacent corner swap (J-perm)
  • Step 2: Permutation of Edges. Uses 4 algorithms (3 excluding mirrors):
    1. clockwise 3-edge cycle (U-perm a)
    2. anticlockwise 3-edge cycle (U-perm b)
    3. opposite edges swap (H-Perm)
    4. adjacent edges swap (Z-Perm)

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