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{{Puzzle Infobox|
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|NAME=SengSo 19x19
|IMAGE=19x19x19 SengSo.jpg
|ALTERNATIVENAMES=19x19x19, 19x19, ShengShou 19x19
|SHAPE=Pillowed Cube
{{Puzzle Infobox|
|NAME=Qiyi Wuya
|ALTERNATIVENAMES=19x19x19, 19x19, Qiyi Wuya 19x19
|SHAPE=Pillowed Cube
The Qiyi Wuya (normally referred to as the '''19x19x19''' or '''19x19''') is a twistable [[puzzle]] in the shape of a cube that is cut 18 times along each of three axes. This Wuya was announced by Qiyi in 2017, but it has never been released (as of July 2020).
In March of 2019, ShengShou filed a patent for a 19x19. Photos of this 19x19 started showing up in July 2020 and it is expected to release in August 2020.
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