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{{Puzzle Infobox|
#REDIRECT [[Huge Cubes#11x11x11]]
|NAME=11x11x11 Cube
|SHAPE=Cube, Pillowed Cube
|YEAR=Before 2013
|COMPANIES=[[Shengshou]], [[Yuxin]]
|TIME=From a minute and a half to forever}}
The '''11x11x11 cube''' (normally referred to as the '''11x11''') is a twistable [[puzzle]] in the shape of a cube. It has 11 layers on each of three axes. The first mass produced 11x11 cube was made by [[Yuxin]] sometime before June 2013. It had a pillowed shape and was the largest cube in production at the time. [[ShengShou]] has since released a cubic version.
This puzzle has a total of 486 [[center]] pieces, a total of 108 [[edge]] pieces, and 8 [[corner]]s.
[[Category:Twisty puzzles]]

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