+ 2 pairs from Cross

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+ 2 pairs from Cross
Alt Names: Add 2 adjacent pairs from Cross
No. Algs:
Avg Moves:
Previous state: Cross cube state
Next state: F2L-2 (adj) cube state

Cross cube state -> + 2 pairs from Cross step -> F2L-2 (adj) cube state

The + 2 pairs from Cross step is the step between the Cross cube state and the F2L-2 (adj) cube state.

+ 2 pairs from Cross refers to the part of solving the cube that solves the First 2 Layer except 2 adjacent F2L pairs without counting the cross part.

Holding the cross on D, place 2 adjacent F2L pair, as in the F2L step, the Freeslice F2L step or the Multislotting step.